On the morning of October 8, 2016, a morning mountain bike ride with close friends turned catastrophic.  Ninety minutes later a friend rushed me to the emergency room.  The doctors told me I was having a heart attack.  Moments later I was getting a stent valve placed in my left anterior descending artery and life as I knew it had changed forever.


Sitting in the intensive care recovery room on the cardiac floor, the strangest thing happened.  As soon as the nurses felt comfortable that I was stable and left me alone to my thoughts, a voice spoke to me.  It was if someone was whispering in my right ear.  The words were very clear and I had never heard them before.  I actually looked to see if someone was in the room speaking to me, but I was alone.

“Find your birth parents.”

It took 46 years and a dangerous heart attack to prompt this adoptee to search for my biological family and learn about the circumstances that led to my creation, and my relinquishment.  What I found was shocking and made me rethink my dismissive attitude towards the age-old expression, “everything happens for a reason.”

I am a changed man and I have thankfully learned the meaning of my life.  Being a father and husband, I was pretty sure I knew my life’s purpose.  Now I have beaten death and expanded my family.  I eat and sleep better.  And I have what I call Survivor Superpowers, a very special set of gifts that allow me to slow down and appreciate the little things.  Further, I feel compelled to share what I can to benefit others who may be in similar situations.

20171214-_DSC1827-EditThe goal of this site is to help people.  Hopefully the blogs and other content posted here will help others cope with traumatic life changing events or to better understand the complexities of adoption.  And for adoptees, I really hope I can help them find their biological truth.

In addition, I am a Board Member for the Via Heart Project, a volunteer for the American Heart Association and an adoptee advocate for My Hoodie Project, a leading genetic genealogy and family research firm.

You can follow me on Twitter @AdrianJones_me.  Huge shout out to Jackie Warner for my photos!