I’ve Been Published!

Late last summer a friend called me asking if he could make an introduction on my behalf.  He is someone who has been so wonderfully supportive of my journey since my heart attack, and I was touched that he wanted to introduce me to the editor of Marin Magazine, Mimi Towle.

About a month later, I was sitting in her office in beautiful Sausalito sharing my entire story.  I was excited to share it with someone who has editorial control over a publication that is widely known in Marin County and parts of San Francisco and is akin to Town & Country, but for our little sliver of the world.  

As I wrapped up I wondered what she thought.  Was this publishable? Would this be the right publication to take my story on?  As my story is so unique to Marin County, I thought there was a chance that they’d be interested.  After about twenty minutes of walking Mimi through everything that had happened since my heart attack, I showed her several pictures of my new biological family on my phone and then I stopped talking. I knew my story had resonance and can move people, but is it magazine worthy? Marin Magazine worthy?

“This is a story that needs to be told,” Mimi said.  “And we’d like to tell it in our magazine.”

I blushed and sank back into the chair opposite her desk.  She asked if I would tell my story in a “first person” piece, using my voice and writing.  Of course, I replied. I’d love to.

Michelle Johnson, head of advertising sales, walked by Mimi’s office and Mimi waved her in and asked me to tell my story to her. I gave Michelle the sixty second version and she suddenly walked over to me and gave me a huge hug.  I felt at home with this team and knew this was the right place for my story to begin to reach a wider audience.

The following was published in Marin Magazine’s February 2019 edition.  I hope it inspires and helps others. Click the image below and thank you for giving it a read!

7 Thoughts

  1. Adrian, What an achievement to share your story and inspire others! This is too cool!!! I am so amazed by your strength, perseverance and sharing the importance of adoptees learning their medical and social histories. Thank you so much for sharing! I’ll hsvr to forward to your doctors!! Warmest regards, Joline


  2. Truly an authentic, honest and heartfelt story. Learning tribulations adoptees may face in life is eye-opening. It is wonderful you were able to express it all in such an engaging way. Adoptees need an advocate like you! GM


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